The shelf life of magnetic tape is volatile and often requires restoration methods such as mechanical cleaning or tape baking before playback can be attempted. Once the material arrives at our facility, we can advise if such a restoration method is needed.

All media is digitized as uncompressed files using the best interconnection method that the source format allows (i.e. Digital betacam transfers use SDI connections whereas BetacamSP use component).

Our digitization rates include your choice of two digital output formats. Typically our clients ask for a preservation copy and an access copy.  Here are some sample video file formats along with their approximate size.


Video File Types








Additional metadata information can be requested in .xml sidecar format or in a spreadsheet. Standard or custom fields are available.

Depending on your project size and storage plan, file delivery can be done via external hard drives, USB flash drives, cloud storage or tape backup such as LTO.

We maintain backup files of your media for 30 days after delivery. This ensures a smooth transition into your system and protects against any problems during shipping.