Planning a media digitization project can be overwhelming

Let us help you get started with our fixed-rate consultation package


IMG_1332Dave Pascoe, Audiovisual Collections Consultant

Building on a unique skillset in the media industry, Dave Pascoe began Flume Media Archiving out of a need to preserve and access historical audiovisual materials.  Today, Flume Media Archiving is nationally-recognized by archivists in government, education and production sectors.  While providing digitization services, it became apparent that many in the archive community were searching for information and expertise regarding the preservation of audiovisual materials.  Dave began the consulting stream in an effort to help curators, archivists and librarians manage the rich resources found in their audiovisual collections.

Our consultation package includes:

– On-site inspection of media materials

– Prioritization of asset migration and risk assessment

– Digital preservation format selection

– Content sampling

– Setting up an in-house digitization system or outsourcing options

– Written report and debrief with stakeholders including preservation strategy and roadmap


For more information, please contact Dave Pascoe

[email or 416-621-4826]