Transferring Content from ADAT tapes

As we’ve expanded the number of supported formats at Flume Media Archiving, I often find it interesting to learn about outdated and obsolete formats that were once so popular.

Take the ADAT tape format for instance – in the 90’s, the Alesis ADAT LX-20 was pretty standard fare in a lot of recording studios because it could handle 8 tracks of digital audio and multiple machines could be slaved together. It was also used as an archiving format, and over the past several months we’ve had many requests to transfer valuable content off ADAT tapes.

But that’s where it gets tricky – ADAT used SVHS tape so hopefully if you have some ADAT master tapes lying around, they’ve been stored properly and haven’t fallen victim to magnetic degradation or moisture. If they look to be in good condition, maybe you’ve got some hidden gems!

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ADAT 8 track