Tribute to Ron Ho, Broadcast Engineer

It’s difficult to express the thoughts that went through my mind on hearing the news if Ron’s passing – sadness,  loss, grief are all accurate. Ron and I had been working together for many years and he had become more than just a skilled engineer I called on, he was a trusted friend, someone I shared with along life’s road.


Working in this business can be lonely, so having allies and people you rely on makes the work all the more meaningful. Ron possessed a unique skillset for thus industry – he was old enough to have worked on vintage analog machines that we were trying to keep running, and still young that he didn’t mind working long hours to solve a problem.


Ron prided himself on fast service, and gurantees. He would drive to my office at the slightest complaint of a machine. To Ron, a well-balanced and clean machine was a thing if beauty.


So, I am saddened by the passing if Ron, he was gifted engineer, and a trusted friend.


Rest in peace dear Ron. You will be greatly missed.