Half Inch Open Reel Video

Yes, you read the title correctly!  In the early 1970’s, consumers and organizations alike were hungry to get away from film recording formats and wanted the convenience that magnetic tape brought.  Enter half-inch open reel video.  It had the features of recording audio and video on 1 tape and ofcourse, no processing film in a lab!  Some of the early machines could even do audio dubbing and other editing tricks.

There is still quite a large quantity of content locked up on this format and it can be challenging to access. We’ve have very good success using a combination of tape cleaning, tape baking and time base stabilizing methods that can produce amazing results!  So, yes it is possible for this content to enter the digital world and once again be seen and enjoyed.

So if you’ve just found that old wedding video from 1972 or a shelf full of interviews, bring them in and we’ll do our best to breathe some life into their hidden content.

For more information on Half inch video, please contact Flume Media Archiving.