Media preservation does not stop once your content is digitized, Flume Media offers a variety of delivery and storage methods for your media files.


Flume Cloud_page 1Flume Cloud Storage – Our secure and redundant media servers offer an excellent option for short and long term hosting. With built-in batch download, sharing and organizing tools, our unique interface makes working with media files on the cloud simple.


LTO tapeLTO-6 Data Tape – A reliable offline data storage method.  One LTO-6 data cartridge holds up to 2.5 TB of data and has a shelf life of 30 years.  Keep a copy on our shelf for an offsite backup.


USB Hard DriveHard Drive / USB Flash Drive – A quick and efficient way to transfer files from our system to yours. But please ensure your organisation has a redundancy and backup plan in place!

DVD DiscOptical Media – If you need a physical copy to put on the shelf, we offer DVD and Blu-ray authoring.


In order to ensure redundancy during data migration, it is our policy to retain a copy of your media files for 30 days after delivery.